Android Police has spotted a new feature in the Chrome OS dev channel that could one day allow users to unlock devices running Chrome OS by simply having their phone near the computer. The feature, which is still in a very early beta, is dubbed “Easy Unlock.” With this feature, your Chromebook could sense when your phone is nearby and Easy Unlock would automatically unlock the Chromebook, preventing the need to enter your password.

Within the Chrome OS dev channel, the feature is disabled by default, but you can enable it by going to :

Google Chrome Easy Unlock Coming Soon

After restarting, Chrome OS will toss up a notification with the option to enable the feature. Clicking on it will bring up a window with an introduction.

Google Chrome Easy Unlock Coming Soon

Unfortunately, that’s where the excitement ends. Though the window indicates that it has three pages, nothing happens when trying to swipe away from the first one. When I click on the “Find your phone” button, the window appears to start searching, but nothing happens.

Google Chrome Easy Unlock Coming Soon

That appears to be it for now. There’s a chance the feature is looking for an Android app that isn’t yet available. Regardless, this is definitely a feature to watch.

The feature also appears in the Chrome browser dev channel, but after clicking the setup button, you’re presented with the same non-functional window.

Easy Unlock appears to be very similar to the Knock app on Mac OS X, which senses when your iPhone is nearby and can automatically unlock your Mac. Given that Easy Unlock is still non-functioning, we have a long wait ahead of us before a stable release. But the concept alone is very cool.